Fiabesca is a Milanese fashion house of clothing for children ( 0-10 years ).
Born in 2012 by Francesca with clothes meant for all those special days that accompany them in life.
Pencil , paper patterns as before, fabrics and precious are the basis for a production 100 % Made in Italy that make the style of Fiabesca only.
In September of 2012 the company grows internationally to create lines that you can wear every day the ‘ essence of Fiabesca . The clothes are made of natural fabrics and linings impalpable fit with soft make everyday fairytale.


Once upon a time… there was Francesca ,a nice looking girlwith brown hair and big dark eyes,
who loves her parents and her two brothers who feel the same way for her. It seems so much
like a fairy tale that almost makes you angry.
All love, happiness, energy and kindness. Instead
no, this fairy tale too complies with the essential rules of fantastic stories: there is initial sorrow,
a difficult path and a happy ending. Unfortunately the loss of her mother changes her life
completely. Raising her younger brother becomes her priority and she starts to act as a sister and
a mother. She overcomes difficult times and moves on, by now a young woman ready to
discover the world. She plays with life that seems to open a lot of possibilities to her;
could she choose to be represented by a puppet, she would choose Miss Piggy of the Muppets to be her alter ego.
Always happy, positive, always ready to resolve differences. Yet tough and strongminded.
She graduates in Educational Sciences and receives a master’s degree at the prestigious
ISTUD on Lake Maggiore. Every day from Milano to Stresa but always with a smile on her face.
Once again she changes her life when her father finds a new companion. Yet we are not talking
about quarrels like with the wicked stepmother of Cinderella, this is another story,
this is another door open to new opportunities that
Francesca seizes on. She sees them also through her
family homemade fabric bomboniere (favors).
Fabric and creativity in miniature.
Thinking of children is an inevitable association.
Francesca is ready, she sets up a business on her own account:
clothes for children, this is what she will do, but special ones, the dream ones, for the
first Christmas, the first birthday, the important occasion. A dream that wears precious fabrics
from India, Spain, Italy, all unique items, doubled, with refined details, hand-worked by tailor
Luigina and her worker team that agree on the idea and put it into production. “A mother that
looks at my rompers must imagine her child in them. A beautiful vision”, a fairy tale. Classic
models but entertaining, non-allergic and natural fabrics.
Francesca’s fairy tale moves further to the extent that she sees her children in those rompers.
Once upon a time… there was Francesca. And this is not a fairy tale.