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Flared dress whit pockets, no sleeves. 100% wool. 100% cotton lining.

Elda and the little bird
At the first cold spell of the season the little bird left the mountain wood where he had been living all the summer and came to stay on the plain.
«Which garden am I going to choose to spend the winter?» he wondered, while he was flying here and there on the outskirts of the town. «May be, if I have a peep inside the houses, I can better
decide where to stop. Here is a window ajar down there… I’ll start with that one!».
No sooner said than done, the little bird landed on the sill of the window eyed from above and looked about inside the room, which was little Elda’s bedroom.
Elda was sitting on the carpet and she was nibbling a biscuit, while her mum was unwrapping a parcel.
When a dress made of precious fabric came out of the parcel, Elda quickly swallowed the last piece of biscuit and exclaimed:
«What a beautiful dress! May I try it on at once, Mum, may I not?! So I can show off a bit».
Her mum was amazed to hear the expression “show off” used by such a small child, therefore she replied:
«Sure, Darling, you may show off! However, let me close the window first, because there is an annoying draught of air and I don’t want you to catch cold».
Hearing these words, the little bird swiftly flew into the room and settled on the bed head.
«Sorry for the intrusion, little one, but I wanted to have a close look at your dress!» he twitted to Elda, able, like all children, to understand the language of any animal.
«Look as long as you please!» was the child’s prompt reply. «Do you like it?»
«Certainly I do! It’s even more beautiful than my many-coloured plumage, which, as you can notice, is a real masterpiece» the little bird twitted again, puffing out his chest feathers.
Elda thought over where she had already seen the little bird and she remembered a picture book at her grandparents’. Then she also remembered what her grandpa had told her about that sort of small birds and expressed her opinion aloud.
«My grandpa says you are a bit vain…He says you are vainer than a peacock!»
This time the little bird kept silent: he was too busy with gazing at the dress!