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Velvet bermudas whit turn-up. Pockets and zip. 100% cotton.

Enrico and the appy round
«Today, to go to the grandparents I’m going to put on my shorts with the happy rounds» Enrico declares, as soon as he gets out of bed. «Do you know that my little cousin Bianca has got a dress like mine?»
«Do you mean full of happy rounds?! Certainly I know it, I gave it to her as a present!» Mum replies, while she helps him take off his pyjama.
«I like the happy rounds» insists Enrico. «And Bianca likes them too».
«I’m sure you do. As a matter of fact you have always told me you like everything is round».
The child nods. Everything with a round shape – starting from the chocolate cookies he dunks in his milk every morning – puts him in a good mood and automatically becomes a happy round.
The list of the happy rounds includes the sun, the cherries Enrico is mad about, the yellow eyes of the family cat (but its yawns as well, because a cat often yawns!), the carousel in the public gardens where the granddad takes him and his little cousin almost every day.
And again the blue-black ball, the top with the lights going on and off, the wheels of the brand-new tricycle, the soap bubbles, the watch with a mouse’s legs as hands as well as the fabric rounds…
the ones on his rompers and on Bianca’s dress, of course! When Enrico is dressed, Mum devours him with her eyes and he, showing off, performs a pirouette to let her admire him.
«I’m really elegant, aren’t I?!» he exclaims, while he spins around. «Sure you are, you look like a fashion plate!»
Then, since a pirouette always belongs to the happy rounds, Enrico performs a second and a third and meanwhile he repeats:
«I look like a fashion plate! I look like a fashion plate!»
Till, through too much turning, he starts losing his balance and laughing he ends up in the arms of his mum, who is surely his favourite one among all the happy rounds in the world.