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Suit with buttons and pockets. 100% cotton.

Ettore and the golden firefly
Ettore had always wanted to fly, but not like aerialists, who had always accompanied his childhood spent under the tent of the travelling circus he belonged to…
Ettore wanted to fly free, with no constraints, high up to the sun and the stars, far away to reach remote and magic lands.
Flying was his dream and when, one day, the circus contorsionist told him that only swallows, bees and butterflies could do it, more than ever Ettore convinced himself that one day he would manage to realize his dream: he would fly over cities, seas and deserts and see enchanted places that no one had ever imagined…lands and colours with a Middle-Eastern flavour.
And so it was that during a hot summer night, while the little boy was trying to fall asleep, in those short instants between waking and sleeping, those moments when everything is possible, a firefly, surrounded by the warmest golden light that you could imagine, appeared to Ettore showing him the most beautiful baby romper suit he had ever seen in his life….it was the colour of the stars, of the sun, of the desert sands all together. The firefly promised him that wearing that romper suit would make all his dreams come true.
And so it was that, from that night on, as soon as the circus stage lights turned off, Ettore’s dream would start; gently and respectfully Ettore would wear that unique and magic suit and depart towards wonderful worlds… if all this were real or only a dream… didn’t really matter…