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Button down long sleeve shirt. Straight point. 100% cotton.

Simon, the invisible child
Once upon a time there was a little child named David, who had the power to turn into everything he wanted to be. One morning, thus, he started turning over and over again: bird, horse, hat, tree,
radiator, giraffe, elephant…in a nutshell, he turned into everything that he could think of, but he was so tired that at a certain point his boy started to fade, and fade, and fade, until in the afternoon Simon, the magic boy, became transparent! Simon didn’t realize what had happened until he arrived home and noticed that his image could not be seen in the mirror! “Aaaaaah!” he screamed and ran to his mother who, absorbed in the preparation of a tasty cake for the afternoon snack, could hear but not see him!
“What can I do?”, “Who can help me?” thought the dejected little boy, so he locked himself in his room and started looking in his magic books for a formula that could make him visible again…but the one he found was a formula that made visible only his new suit with shirt and shorts, while he remained invisible! So, desperate, he ran again to his mother that, this time, saw his new suit stirring in front of her and immediately understood what had happened to her little Simon.
When she was a child, in fact, she had also turned invisible after changing continuously form and wasn’t able to find the right formula, but she knew how to help her little child: just like in fairy tales, in fact, the solution was in a big kiss given out of true love: a mother’s kiss! So, after a big hug and a smacking kiss, Simon returned visible and sat at the table to taste a slice of pumpkin cake, a magic one of course!